12 July

The Danger of doing Car Battery Jump Start

12 July, 2021

Do you know the danger of doing car battery jump start yourself ? By doing Car Battery Jump Start is always cost saving but, what if we tell you that it will damage your other car equipment or explosion will occur if proper check is not done properly and correctly? Guide to do car battery jump start: Jump Cable You will need the basic item! Get a Jump start cable with sufficient length that will be able to reach from one car to another. Best if you could purchase a 3 to 6-metre-long cable as there need to be a certain distance between both cars. . Safety Kids and people who are not involve in the execution should not stay near the area. Do not touch the jumper clamps and in-case of spark, wear safety goggles and rubber gloves if possible, to prevent electric shock and injury. . Vehicle Placing Park both cars near each other but do not collide, try not to stay too close and preferably leaving each other around 1 metre. Put both vehicle in Park or Neutral mode with handbrake activated.
12 May

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri from Camel Power

12 May, 2021

Camel Power sincerely wishes you Selamat Hari Raya, may your life be blessed with endless joy and happiness. Maaf Zahir dan Batin.
11 February

Gong Xi Fatt Chai from Camel Power

11 February, 2021

It's another new start in Lunar Calendar after tonight . We truly believe all the hardships you've gone through last year will be paid off with millions of prosperity and happiness. #CamelPowerMalaysia wishes you Gong Xi Fatt Chai !
15 January

Interesting Facts about Cars

15 January, 2021

1. The World's First Automobile Carl Benz developed the first automobile in 1885. The speed of the car was 16km per hour. It had an excellent design and was known as the Benz Patent Motorwagen. 2. The World's First Low-Cost Car In 1908, Henry Ford manufactured the Model T which became the first car available at a low price. The reason for the low cost of this car was the moving assembly line system that enabled Henry Ford to sell Model Ts at a price lower than his competitors. Henry Ford made eight different models (A, B, C, F, K, N, R, S-) of the same car before he could launch the extraordinary Model T. 3. The Longest Car in The World This prestigious title is taken by a custom-built limousine by California car guru Jay Ohrberg. The car is recorded by the Guinness World Records as the longest car ever built whose length is 100 meters. To your surprise, the car has a built-in swimming pool with diving board and a king-sized water bed, and a helicopter pad as well. 4. Largest Producers of the Cars in the World China and the US are the leading countries to manufacture the most cars. However, Japan became the third largest manufacturer of cars in 1980. 5. The Most Popular Car of the 20th Century The world's most loved car in the 20th century was Volkswagen Beetle. Over 20 million units were sold worldwide, and the Volkswagen Beetle made its place on the list of people's top favorite car.
25 December

Merry Christmas & Happy Holiday from Camel Power

25 December, 2020

A silent night, a star above, a blessed gift of hope and love. May your life be filled with loves, peace and happiness. Camel Power wishes everyone Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday!
15 October

Exhilarating books to read during quarantine

15 October, 2020

This quarantine phase is difficult to pass from working at home to binge-watching movies and series and even playing board games with family. However, putting the optimistic glasses on, one can see it as a valuable time to connect with family, long-lost friends (over the phone, of course), and yourself! We can put this lockdown phase to use for all those things for which we never got time. Say exercising or reading a book for that matter. Well, here are a few recommendations for people who love everything with wheels - cars, bikes, and even motorsport. How To Build A Car No, this book won’t tell you how to build an F1 car. Instead, it is an autobiographical account of blood, sweat, and tears that go in the process. Zen And The Art Of Motorcycle Maintenance by Robert Pirsig Well, this one is a fictional autobiography that takes you through an intellectual journey in the author’s mind. Wherein he goes on a 17-day long riding trip with his son and in the backdrop is the author’s meditations on philosophy. The Mechanic: The Secret World of the F1 Pitlane by Marc ‘Elvis’ Priestley This is a book on F1 races, the one without parties and champagne. Here races are won with sweat and hard work of every crew member. These were our top picks surrounding the motoring world. In case you have a good suggestion that could be added to the list, do let us know in the comments.